It all started as a retirement plan for both Om J and Tante Wiwid, where they both can be productive life in the old days later on. But then it grew into something exceptional, to build a legacy with a mission to give back to the community, by letting customers explore and experience what is a truly good coffee. We started small in Pluit and grew until we reached the Northern part of the hustle bustle city of Jakarta. We reaching out with our original name, Ombé Kofie; because we believe in our core values in customer service, hospitality, and our belief in coffee quality in each of our Ombé Kofie stores.


So we finally settled to bring experience for #PeopleOfOmbé that resides in North Jakarta, and those who commute around the area as well with amazing selections of coffee, comforting food for the hungry soul, and a place that you can call home.